Our Leaders







Dustin Wright

Dustin is our right hand man and leads our tech areas. As a video game enthusiast for most of his life, he recently has become interested in designing his own. His preliminary idea model for his design would be a survival driven, open world, and first person shooter. Some of his favorite games currently out there are GTA 5, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands, The Forest, and World of Tanks. His preferred style is open world as opposed to point A to point B driven. Beyond his interest in designing games, he is an occasional artist and amateur photogropher. Along with that, he hosts a YouTube channel relative to the games he currently plays. He uses the handle ‘iup09’ and counts ‘BayAreaBugs’ and ‘Polecat324’ as inspiring YouTubers he follows.



Elisabeth Fox

Elisabeth is the Owner here at Savage Prey. She works alongside creators while pursuing her own writing and art pieces. She fell in love with books at a young age but with the arts much later in life. These days, she delves into Psychological Thrillers and Mystery. Her latest work is a twisted trilogy built around an unreliable narrator haunted by a string of murders leaving bodies without organs commonly sold on the Black Market. The Trilogy is known as ‘The Rave Trilogy’ and consists respectively of ‘Shadows in the Dark’, ‘Trailing Smoke’, and ‘Scorched Earth’. Her inspirations in the fiction world are Fyodor Dostoevsky, ‘Crime and Punishment’, and JK Rowling, ‘Harry Potter’. During writing breaks, Elisabeth works on simple art pieces and notes Lindsay Rapp as her favorite artist currently out there. You can find her at : www.thecreaturegirl.com